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A very Special comeback..

The long-awaited Gori’s Scooter tuning kits have been unveiled at last, along with a brand new name: Gori Elaborazioni®.

The origins of the Scuderia Gori® in the words of Giancarlo Gori himself:

“It all started in Florence in 1958 when my father Vasco and I had our little workshop on the beautiful Lungarno Cellini. It was there that we tampered with our first Lambretta 175TV and soon gained experience with the more common LI type (mark II and III) as well as the Special range.

Indeed we realised almost immediately that those standard Lambretta engines could be tuned in a range of different configurations!

Our clients were more and more impressed with the performance of the early machines, and many of them started switching from their old motorcycles to my sensibly performing Lammies. At the time I was also an official Innocenti dealer, so it was quite normal to have some brand new Lambrettas, already tuned and configured, delivered right to my shop.

A real “tuning mania” exploded within months and we arranged some road racing events where any kind of scooter, not just Lambrettas, were regularly challenged.

Customers used to pop into my shop at all hours to try and get more insight on our techniques or to proudly tell of their road adventures. Some of them even strayed away from school to spend their time with us, and improve their hands-on tuning knowledge.

That was the moment when I decided to give a name to this group of followers, who besides being loyal clients, were also real friends. I simply picked “Scuderia Gori®”. We also designed a logo –that remains the same today– with our name and a red flashing arrow as the side panels and the front shield of the scooter.

Due to our success, after two years, someone else in Florence began their own scooter tuning history (the Ancillottis), thus paving the way for fervent new challenges both in our respective workshops and clearly, on the road too. We started racing every Sunday morning on the urban bit of the A1 motorway: a 4km long, perfectly linear track where many types of enthusiasts, including kids, came to support their favourite teams. Luckily, traffic was not an issue those days and, apart from some occasional “blitz” by local policemen, we did pretty well with no major accidents.

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Based on this expertise, in 1965 I developed a super engine that peaked at170 k.p.h. (according to the official chronometer) at the Autodromo di Monza, the temple of Italian motor racing. The test vehicle I used on that occasion was my TV 175 mark III, a completely standard  scooter, with a bell-shaped bodywork, according to the motorcycle fashion of the time.”

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Gori strikes again! 

“52 years have passed since then and I have decided to revive my "SCUDERIA GORI®". Our brand new kit is made of a 200 cc. barrel derived from the ultimate DL barrel which fits the 125/150/175 engines with no adjustments needed. It is a chrome plated, cast iron piston with double rings and a modified squish head. A carburettor manifold to suit 28/30 mm carbs is also available. 
In addition, we have developed a fine-tuned replica of the same barrel fitted on my 1965 Monza Record Lambretta.”

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The new Gori pipes for Lambretta

Besides engine kits, we have engineered and developed two “state-of-the-art” special exhausts derived from the same ones used at Monza. Also in this case, we offer two different pipe versions: the “Sport” and the “Racing” pipe. The former is totally empty with a 50mm exhaust manifold and terminal silencer—it was designed to suit at best the most performing engines over 175cc; while the latter has a 40mm exhaust manifold with an internal silencer and is made for smaller engines and even standard ones with SH/1 carburettors and standard air filters.

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A few more words from Giancarlo on his pipes:

“First of all, I am proud to say that we at Scuderia Gori® take the whole art very seriously: and it could hardly be any different, since my family name is welded and printed on all our products! 
Indeed we started from scratch, creating an impressive number of trials that consequently kept us working on a bench for several days and as many nights, examining and refining things down to the smallest possible detail. That said, once the first prototypes were ready, we performed long and very demanding tests on different Lambrettas. Performance-wise the result has always been outstanding for both pipes, while no drawbacks or interferences have ever been reported with other engine settings, such as carb., etc.”

“Another asset is the way these shiny little pipes look once fitted. Although standard looking, the new Gori exhaust are actual competition exhausts, which have nothing to do with, say, clubman pipes or other common Lambretta replacements. Unfortunately, while surfing on the Internet I have come across some inaccurate comparisons and personal reviews about my exhausts, predominantly from people who have neither tested nor even seen these items, and who demonstrate an embarrassing lack of technical know-how. 
I want to state boldly that, despite their deliberate “standard look”,  the new Gori pipes are real expansion pipes designed for sport and racing purposes. That’s it!”

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Early Vespa tuning
“As you may imagine, my history was so closely linked to the Lambretta world that when Innocenti started its gloomy decline, my fantastic tuning season elapsed shortly thereafter.

Consequently I had to move my workshop on the other side of the river (in every sense..) where I opened my first Vespa dealer and repair shop.

Well before Pinasco, we were the first to engineer a complete transformation kit for small frame Vespas, starting from the 50cc. Every week we shipped hundreds of kits, packaged in special boxes, to our clients in Italy and overseas. The new cylinder diagram was brilliant: its capacity was increased to 75 cc. and customers received everything that was necessary to install the kit, along with easy instructions in the very same box. It was an incredible success indeed.

In my spare time I also experimented, for the first time, with tuning solutions for the Vespa 125 Primavera, but when Piaggio launched its unprecedented new product–the ultimate Vespa 90SS– I just fell in love, and since then all my efforts were dedicated to designing and improving new solutions for that type of scooter.

I have to admit that the Vespa 90SS was the second “big” love of my life—again with my "SCUDERIA GORI® I prepared some similar machines for important competitions together with my favourite clients and pilots (who formerly rode my Lambrettas). My father Vasco was the “skipper” of the team and we extensively attended the Giro d'Italia and many other races here and there.

My 90SS tuned Vespas topped 120 k.p.h. with an unprecedented acceleration rate, though keeping a standard carb and air filter. The scooter itself was very stable and reactive on the road and thanks to this excellent mix we won many races.

Beginning with a tuned 90SS Vespa of mine, I also built a special scooter with a bell-shaped bodywork to set another speed record on track of 150 k.p.h.. This machine still exists (see picture) and is currently part of my private collection”.

The Vespa tuning today

Just as we do for Lambrettas, our new Gori Elaborazioni® portfolio today includes special tuning kits for small frame Vespas (50cc, Primavera, ET3 and ETS) which contain an aluminium barrel with high compression head and piston: also in this case we offer two different pipes!

The way forward..

“Dear friends: after a long “pause” that lasted some 50 years, these are now my state-of-the-art products designed to suit the ambition and passion of those who wish to really enhance the performance of their metal scooters.

I look forward to you joining "SCUDERIA GORI® 2011"!


Giancarlo Gori

(L to R): Giancarlo Gori with Fabrizio Nannucci