Vespa by GORI record

Vespa "GORI" This was a "Special-Special"

This Vespa was tuned by Giancarlo Gori in 1967 to take part in the “week of records” at Elvington’s (UK) track.

The Engine:
92cc (mm.48x51) chromed barrel. Power: 15,6 HP at a 9700 revs. Compression ratio 11/1;. 22,5mm Delll'Orto carb.; Asso Piston with double rings, L-shaped upper ring.

3,50/10 high performance Continental tyres. Total weight of this vehicle was just 54 Kg.

Top speed recorded at the end of 1/4mile was 151,936 Kph. This scooter reached 100Km/h in 7.6 seconds from start.

Transformation of the Vespa from 50 to 75cc Gori 1967

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